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Regular assessments by employers enable them to answer various difficult questions such as:

About employeelearning.org

The platform facilitates employee learning through evaluation and testing of topics relevant to employees in their respective organizations. Testing not only helps to assess the proficiency of various employees, but is an excellent tool to motivate employees by achieving learning and development milestones, scale employer defined benchmarks, therefore demonstrate their knowledge and improve performance. Evaluation and testing improve meta-cognitive monitoring and acts as a source of feedback to the employee and organization.

Why employeelearning.org works?

Allows Evaluation

Allows individuals to evaluate if the information is really learned.

Category Clustering

Increases category clustering and subjective organization of learning topics compared to restudying.

Improves Organization and Structure

Improves organization (structure) of individual’s (employee) knowledge.

Employee Learning For Businesses

Employers can use employeelearning.org to make their employees knowledgeable and skillful. As stated above, organization generally undertake various learning and development programs. This platform will then enable them to track if those learning and development programs have actually reached the employees minds.

The platform offers both choices to the organizations:


To test new recruits or existing employees through employer-developed material on relevant topics. In this case, the quizzes and questions are developed by the employers and uploaded on the platform for employees to test their skills through dedicated logins. The platform tracks various completed evaluations for employees.

Platform plus Quizzes:

In this case, besides subscribing to the platform, the organizations may also use employeelearning.org’s skills to develop quizzes in a manner that will promote the holistic learning of employees through MCQs. The employeelearning will use its team of expert MCQ trainers to help employers develop and design questions which will stimulate employee learning. Our clients (employers) define the curriculum for various topics and subjects on which their employees are trained through e-learnings or instructor led trainings.