Why Employee Evaluation?

Employee evaluation is important in today’s day and age to maintain the health of the organization; to ensure employee satisfaction and to have a progressive and competitive work culture. It allows setting of benchmarks and standards which are easy to understand and follow. It also promotes compliance at all levels. It gives clarity and objective to the employee and results to the employer. Employee evaluations and assessments enable the creation of performance standards that allows employer to select employees for specialized kind of work based on the understanding and skill of the employee. This measure allows employee to work on his skill set and acquire recommended knowledge. It’s a win-win for everyone. It fosters a productive and conducive work culture.

Benefits And Uses

  • Time and Cost Saving: Screen a large number of applicants during hiring, thereby cutting down the need for in-person interviews of a large pool.

  • Efficiency: Facilitate gauging knowledge and skills efficiently and routinely.

  • Expertise Readiness: Check readiness for on-boarding on projects & engagements quickly.

  • Improve: Project Management.

  • Right Person for the Right Job: Assign specific roles within the team or simply to improve their skill set to produce better results.

Design Effective Learning and Development Programs

The evaluation of existing employees can help measure the talent level created through the learning and development budget.  Evaluation and testing is an effective technique to develop employeesskill, as well as to identify additional gaps in their knowledge and skill.  In a competitive work environment, testing and evaluation technique encourages employees to work towards their continuous improvement through self-learning.  Employees take on the learning programs more seriously if they are tested and scored regularly.